Outstanding wines: Viña Pedrosa Crianza and Reserva.

The 2021 ABC Wine Guide features 613 wines. It contains  ratings of new releases  from around Spain. Complete tasting notes are provided for new releases scoring  85 or more points on the 100-point scale.

Each review carries the initials of Juan Fernández-Cuesta editor who blind-tasted and scored the wine and wrote the review.  In total 1.029 wines were tasted .

Rating reflects how highly Juan Fernández-Cuesta regard each wine relative to other wines in its category and are based on potential quality –how good the wine will be  when at its peak. The score summarizes  a wine`s overall quality; the tasting notes describes the wine´s style and character.

Why this buying guide is different? It emphasizes the huge quality of Spanish wines and just includes wines with retail prices lower than 30 €. Most pepole know that in Spain, the best wine country for best values, if you spend on wine 80 € or more you will get a great wine.


“If you do not have mind set ideas, It is not very difficult to know when  a wine is really good. Just lots of fruit, a fully understand ageing  and purity  of spirit. It is  an outstanding wine, superior character and style”.

Juan Fernández – Cuesta


“Because of its elegance, sometimes you like oak barrels’ aromas show clear. If at the same time, a wonderful black fruit predominates, the result is superior. Great acidity and freshness”.

Juan Fernández – Cuesta

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