Viña Pedrosa 40 Annviersary is the genesis of Dreams Hunter (Cazador de Sueños) – Viña Pedrosa Gran Reserva 2012, a unique and limited edition wine which pays tribute to its origin.

Harvest 2012 was short and excellent on quality, a perfect vintage for Tinto Fino vines around 60 years old, located at 840 metres. Ageing in the wine cellar for 7 years, this wine represents all of Pérez Pascuas family ‘s winemaking expertise. Care and the highest level of demand come together.

This wine represents Pérez Pascuas family ‘s deep gratitude to clientes, workers and winery frineds.

The label has been designed by Cristobal Gabarrón -painter, sculptor, humanist and philanthropist- It is considered by international critics as one of the most representative Spanish artist nowadays. The design shows that place in Castilia where nature forms an alliance with humans to create unique wines which concentrate all the history and wisdom of a unique vineyard.

Each wine is a masterpiece and it has been the inspiration to create the label ” Dreams Hunter”. It represents how Mauro Pérez , the patriarch, instilled in his sons and grandsons love for wine and how to get the best from nature keeping the tradition alive.

For four decades, Viña Pedrosa has been true to the tradition and has progressed to science and technology pace. Since 1980 its commitment to top- quality, sustainability and artisanal winemaking has not changed.

Cazador de Sueños – Viña Pedrosa Gran Reserva 2012 is the result of a constant learning as grapegrowers and winemakers to create a great wine that always expresses its origin.

Cazador de Sueños Viña Pedrosa Gran Reserva 2012

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