Quality, Tradition and  Sustainability.

The natural beauty of head trained vines cared and modeled  by humans along the centuries is the best guarantee of quality of our wines.

According to Bodegas Hnos. Pérez Pascuas, the care and the improvement of the 120 hectares of family head trained vineyard is the best protection of the landscape of Ribera del Duero against the massive plantation of wire trained vines.

“The conservation of old vines connect us with the past, is a synonymous of quality and handcrafted work. Historic head trained vines is a key factor to make a singular wine,” said Daniel Pérez– Director of Viticulture and Agronomic Projects. Third generation of Pérez Pascuas family-

The bushes of Tinto Fino grape variety  charazterize the personality of every single wine made by Bodegas Hnos. Pérez Pascuas. The old bushes of Tempranillo show a perfect balance with soil, altitude and weather conditions.

Older vines, low yields, higher resistance to drought and extreme conditions, perfect fruit aireation… are just some of the advantages of head trained vines.

The singularity of  traditional bushes of Tinto Fino, together with an ecofriendly farming, is the source of authentic and pure wines  and healthier vineyards .

The old head trained vineyard is a key factor to reach higher polifenolic concentration and greater organoleptic  wines.

As Daniel Pérez has emphasised head t rained vines keep alive an old grapegrowing tradition, face global warming and avoid depopulation in small villages in the country.

What are the differences between head trained and wire trained vineyard?

Head Trained Vines

It is the oldest and most traditional grapegrowing system where the vine grows without any type of wire or post.

  • Longer life vines.
  • Better airing  for the bunches.
  • Homogenous ripening.
  • Higher resistence to drought.
  • More capacity to recover from adverse weather conditions.
  • Preserves biodiversity.
  • Helps to maintain healthier ecosystems.
  • Provides employment.

Wire Trained Vines

It is a system where the vines grow helped by an structure of wires and posts.

  • Every single farming task can be done by machine.
  • Higher yields.
  • Less cost of production.

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