Excellent reviews for Viña Pedrosa wines.

The Vast Bounty of Central Spain By Josh Raynolds.

Central Spain really does offer something for every wine lover, from easy-drinking, inexpensive bottlings to some of the country’s most famous, sought-after and pricey vinous offerings. Most serious wine drinkers have long been familiar with Central Spain’s most esteemed regions, particularly Ribera del Duero and also Toro and Rueda, which are where  most of the region’s best wines are produced, but up-and –coming areas like Campo de Borja, Viinos de Madrid, Cariñena and Calatayud are producing an increasing number of serious wines.

A number of Spain’s legendary bodegas are based in Ribera del Duero, including Vega Sicilia and Pingus, whose wines, in many ways, transcend the region for their fame and pricing. But for every one of those, there are numerous producers making outstanding wines that sell for a fraction of the price, often in large quantity and with good distribution. Tempranillo is king in here, and compared to Rioja, the expression of the variety is generally deeper, richer, more tannic and dark-fruited in style and often with higher alcohol levels as well as oak presence.

2019 is shaping up to be a vintage of high quality to go along with the high quantity of fruit that was harvested. Early tastings suggest that these wines will be dark-fruited and on the rich side, but with adequate acidity to maintain freshness. The 2019s will be extremely popular  in the market.

The 2018 wines show  a high degree of precisión and freshness, elegant character and gentle tannins.

2017 is a difficult vintage to generalize. It can be called a house style year. It is a vintage where  it pays to know your bodegas and their harvesting and winemaking tendencies.

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