Viña Pedrosa, gets the certification on organic farming

The organic farming is not just a philosophy, it is a way to understand a way of living. Our father and grandfather, Mauro Pérez, instilled a respect for the land and taught us to care the environment. That is why, since many years, grape growing at Viña Pedrosa is sustainable, regenerative and environmentally friendly.

Recently, we got the certification on organic farming. It is just a step further on our commitment with sustainability.

The society is becoming more and more aware of the environment and demands an official certification on green practices.

Viñedo ecológico y sostenible

Bodegas Hnos. Pérez Pascuas owns 124 hectares of traditional bush vines located around the winery in Pedrosa de Duero. The singular terroir, high altitude, extreme temperatures and no irrigation, all these factors give a unique essence to our Tinto Fino grapes to make our Viña Pedrosa wines.

This certification is a recognition of the hard work and dedication on green grape growing. There is a strict process of control and review to guarantee that our practices achieve the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Among all the practices, we can highlight:

  • Grape selection. Crop thinning before harvest and handpicking are very important. Low yields to get premium Tinto Fino grapes
  • Cover crops. Natural and planted covers preserve biodiversity, provide nitrogen, avoid soil erosion and keeps the water and balance in the vines
  • Natural fertilizers. We add organic material from the vineyards (such as cuttings from winter pruning…) and manure from local farms to contribute to circular economy.
  • We do not use any herbicides, pesticides or fungicides neither. The insecticide treatments are ecological and sustainable such as the use of pheromones and techniques of sexual confusion.  There are no pesticides applied to protect our water reserves and natural aquifers.
  • Encourage flora and fauna. Over the last decade we have planted more than 5000 trees, local species like: almond trees, walnut trees, pine trees, oak trees, holm oak …. All those trees increase the natural balance in the vineyard.
  • Vineyard replacement and recovery of local grape varieties on the verge of extinction..
Viñedo Ecológico

In addition to the green farming, we have implemented other tasks to promote the sustainability and the environmental care, being the first winery registered on the carbon footprint and reducing it year after year. We bet on renewable energy, water management, maximum recycling, waste-reduction and minimal environmental impact.

The organic farming provides better conditions for the vineyards and it is vital to get a better expression of our terroir in the wines.

The achievement of this certification shows that the care of nature is the best way to get the maximum out of it in favour of the wine.

We are very happy to share with you all this great news and continue motivated to explore new ways to improve our doings, always on the base of a respectful and sustainable viticulture.

We continue towards wine sustainability!

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