Designing over the past the future vineyard.

Winter pruning is one of the most important farming labour in our traditional vineyard of old bush vines. In a historic terroir, Viña Pedrosa’s Vineyard is a wonder of nature for all those who look for authenticity and the highest concentration of nature.

Top quality grapes, oldder vines, perfect balance between vine’s vigour and yield, optimum use of nutrientes and water … are some of the issues related to winter pruning.

“Before you start to prune, you must bear in mind which are the features of each particular plot – vine’s age, altitude, type of soil, weather conditions, vine´s vigour- and what you want to achieve. We have to evaluate each vine and define the aspects to improve and the virtues to boost. Thanks to the pruning we get bunches of grapes perfectly distributed on the vine and the proper airing. An optimum pruning let us grow premium grapes and prolong vines’s life. Our vineyard of old bush vines farmed in a  traditional and sustainable way over the years, is a real treasure of nature,” notes Daniel Pérez, Director of Viticulture and Agronomic Projects. Third generation of Pérez Pascuas family.

A part from winter pruning carried out during the vegetative rest. We also  carry out the green pruning at summer time.

The benifits of winter pruning are not just technical aspects. We can talk about its relevance from a social and enviromental point of view. Socially, It is a farming labour intensive on human capital, so many people can make their lifes in the countryside.  It is enviromentally frinedly,  vine shoots or vines cuttings are use as organic matter for the vineyard.

Just when you know the past of the vineyard –with its strenghts and weakness- you can understand  the current vineyard and design its future. At this crossroad –past, present and future-  the pruning shows the way to follow to get   grape excellence and long-term sustainability.

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