Ageing at the bottom of  the Cantabrian Sea.

Cepa Gavilán Crianza, Viña Pedrosa Crianza, Viña Pedrosa Finca La Navilla y Viña Pedrosa Reserva will age in a rough sea for at least six months. A new test to pass.

What is our goal? We would like to know the real impact on wine of different pressures and temperatures, the gravity, the lack of ligth, the constant movement, the influence of the moon and the tides.

The wine has been submerged 15 metres and the temperature could range between 12-15 degrees. The wines will age for 6 months, 12 months and 10 years, using  bottles of 75cl. and in  clay amphoras.

“We feel very happy because Viña Pedrosa has been the elected winery to represent Ribera del Duero. We have been always very interested in wine evolution at the bottom of the sea. We have chosen  vintages 2015 and 2016 because they are very different harvests. We would like to know if the differences between crianzas and reservas will increase, decrease or keep the same,” notes Adolfo Pérez –third generation of Pérez Pascuas family and Sales Manager.

Beauty, heroism and tradition: three aspects in common between Viña Pedrosa and the Cantabrian Sea.

The beauty of the old vineyard, the heroism of vines in extreme weather conditions and the tradition to grow grapes and make wines by a family of visionaries and pioneers in Pedrosa de Duero.

Wine at the bottom of the sea

Waiting for the results and hoping the marine ecosystem will reveal some of its secrets, we work hard to improve the ecosystem of our vineyard of old bush vines of Tempranillo to make excellent wines.

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